Ноутбук Ninkear DS16 16'' Intel Core i7-10750H IPS с сенсорным экраном

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Cpu : i7-10750H
Ram&Ssd : 32GB 1TB
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Гарантия сроком 1 года.
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Ninkear Laptop 16-inch Intel Core i7-10750H IPS Full HD 32GB RAM + 2TB SSD Gaming Laptop with Touchscreen Windows 11 Notebook

- Equipped with 16-inch 1920*1200P Full HD IPS main screen and 14-inch 1920*550P touch screen secondary screen.

-Powered by 10th generation Intel Core Intel Core i7-10750 processor with a maximum frequency up to 5GHz.

-Built-in Intel HD 630 graphics card, support 4K video decoding and playback, and support external graphics card (need to purchase additional graphics card external dock), support external full range of AMD graphics card, NVIDIA graphics card up to support GTX750.

Dual-channel memory and solid-state drives and support upgrades and replacements, up to 64G running memory + 4TB hard drive.

-Built-in 5000 mAh high-capacity lithium battery, ultra-long standby and battery life.

-24-hour fast delivery and 365-day after-sales warranty.

Dual screen high-performance slim notebook

Double screen highlight
Intel Core processors let go of creating the world

Highlights of DS16 Notebook

Narrow Border FullHD DualScreen
Intel i7-10750h
DDR4 Dual Channel 16GB 2667MHz
High Speed Solid State Drive 256GB M.22280
Support dual graphics cards
Thin metalbody
3400mAh large capacity lithium battery

High color gamut

100% RGB wide color gamut
400nit high brightness touch full screen
Factory school color, 10.7 kernel color limited time,
showcasing more realistic natural colors

10th generation Intel hexa-core processors Powerful performance, ready to use

Adopting Intel Core i7-10750H high-performance processor with 6 cores and 12 threads to continuously provide strong performance

Narrow Border Full HD Dual Screen

Dual screen 16"+14" narrow bezel Full HD dual screen with fine display. Dual screens, capable of working and watching TV programs at the same time. With office and entertainment functions.

Dual-channel operating memory and high-speed, high-capacity solid-state drives

Dualchannelhigh-frequency memory and large
capacity high-speed SSD for large applications with
fast response and sufficient storage space

Support external graphics card expansion

Expandable external card AMD (any model)
NVIDIA standalone card RTX 750 only (requires purchase of an additional graphics expansion dock)

Can play games, watch movies and work at the same time

Applications,windows,or files can be moved to
the secondary screen for viewing or coordinating work,
fully improving work efficiency

7.0 Elegant and eye-catching

The secondary screen can be raised by 7.0 degrees
increasing the comfort of touch operation angle and
reducing the direct visual separation between
the main screen and secondary screen,
achieving seamless cross screen operation

Full HD touch secondary screen

The touch screen will open up a new world of personalizedwork and entertainment for you
Powerful controlpanelexpansion functionmaking every creation full of surprises

Lightweight metal body

Precision Craft Engraved Stone Cutting Edge Green

Fully functional interface forsmooth connection

Comprehensive functional portsincluding full size HDMl, USB Type-C ports,
high-speed MicroSD card reader, and two USB 3.0 ports

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